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"I have been using Blue Triangle for a while now but learned a lot of things which can be achieved through the tool and incorporate with day to day tasks."

"I went into this course as a power user knowing that I was considering how valuable it will be for my team. However, I walked away with a finer understanding of many aspects of Blue Triangle anyway. A win win."

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    Build up your resume and accelerate your career. Let people know about your qualifications in web performance analytics and your proficiency in using Blue Triangle.

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    Get a holistic picture of analytics. Find out what analytics are, what they can do for you, what they mean, and how to get the answers you need from your data in Blue Triangle.

  • Apply Your Knowledge

    Launch new projects and follow better organizational strategies based on a better understanding of your data. Use your data to prove value and back up your approach.

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Find out what is possible with our portal and how you can apply it to augment your workflow.

Learn the fundamentals

Understand how the web works and how current technologies and protocols influence your site.
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Understand user behavior

Learn how to determine what is influencing user behavior and strategies you can implement to improve user outcomes.

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