Why get certified?

Blue Triangle Performance Professional

BTPP certification is not just another credential to add to your resume. Getting certified means that you will learn about modern web analytics, gain a finer knowledge of how to use Blue Triangle, and understand your users better in the process: a win-win-win.
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  • What is the format of the certification?

    You can become a certified Blue Triangle Performance Professional by taking 4 classes, BTT 101, BTT 102, BTT 103, and BTT 201. These can be taken through our course online (courses listed on this page) or by taking an instructor-led version that lasts 4 business days.

  • What does online certification include?

    When you register for the 4 courses involved with certification, you will have access to all course content and testing materials for a minimum of 6 months from the registration date.

  • What is the price of the courses for certification?

    Online certification, all courses and testing included, costs $1000 for limited access ($250/course). Pricing for instructor-led certification is purchased as a whole, at $1800 for the entire certification.

Meet your instructor

Training Manager

Kristina Ravensbergen

Kristina joined Blue Triangle in 2017 in the Customer Success department. While there, she gained first-hand experience in consulting on customers' web performance issues and realized their need for a better understanding of how to solve their problems. In 2019, she started a new Training department at the company with the goal of making web performance and Blue Triangle's solutions approachable for everyone.