Choose Your Learning Style

  • Instructor-Led Courses

    These courses are virtually hosted online on specific dates. Depending on the course or bundle, instruction can last anywhere from a couple of hours to an entire week.

  • Online-Only Courses

    The content and instruction for these courses is pre-recorded and available online only. These courses are available any time, and offer the most flexibility for completion on your schedule.

What You Get

  • Industry Know-How

    We will teach you not only about maximizing your use of web analytics tools, but how the web analytics happen and why the metrics matter. We bring everything back to user behavior, especially related to page speed.

  • Credentials

    Credentials include a badge and certificate that are hosted online and accessible forever. Easily add them to your resume, your email signature, and your social profiles. You also get (much deserved) bragging rights.

  • Fundamentals

    For those who are new to the industry, or even those who have been here for a while, we teach foundational concepts and define plenty of terms. Our courses are fully up-to-date with the latest information and research for 2021.


Our Blue Triangle Performance Professional certification is available to those who complete all of BTT 101, BTT 102, BTT 103, and BTT 201.
Blue Triangle Performance Professional Certificate

BTT 101

Our foundational course focuses on how user experience relates to behavioral outcomes. Details about performance metrics, differences in real-user monitoring and synthetic monitoring, and real time analytics are also discussed.
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BTT 102

This course goes in-depth about the different kinds of files that make up your site, how they load, and how to make sure a website loads them securely. Managing content additions, maintaining tags, and monitoring with alerts are covered, too.
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BTT 103

BTT 103 is all about how websites work for users. In addition to looking closer at configuring synthetic monitors to give you a better understanding of your site, this class teaches caching strategies, fundamentals of coding mechanics, and more user-centric performance metrics.
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How To Get Certified

Instructor-led and online certification both start with the fundamentals in BTT 101, culminating in a certification exam in BTT 201. Here are some other things you should know:

  • There are 4 courses in Blue Triangle's certification process: BTT 101, BTT 102, BTT 103, and BTT 201

  • Instructor-led certification is $1,490 and lasts 4 business days

  • Online-only certification is $249 per course, and access for each course lasts 30 days

  • The certification exam takes place in BTT 201 but pulls from all of the previous courses' content